Thursday, June 13, 2013

Visiting Friends, Sight Seeing in Washington DC

Vic, Lynn, Carolyn and Hank at Erickson's Home
Our 10 day stay in the Washington, DC, area was most enjoyable.  We stayed with Vic and Lynn Erickson at their home in Oakton, VA.  Vic and Hank were fraternity brothers at Boston University and we frequently partied with Vic and Lynn during our college days.  We arrived on Friday and spent Friday night and Saturday catching up on each other’s families. 

Charlotte, Jennifer and Ben
On Sunday we drove down to Huntingtown, Maryland to visit another friend from our college days, Charlotte.  Hank was the best man at Charlotte’s wedding to Kevin Quinlan.  Charlotte’s daughter and grandson were at a nearby baseball field where the grandson was playing baseball.  We went to visit with all three of them and watch some baseball.

Jeannie, Carolyn and Norm by Jeannie's Garden
On Tuesday we drove out to Leesburg, VA to visit Norm and Jeannie Sandstrom, friends from a Pennywise tandem cycling trip in Provence. 

FDR Memorial
Thursday we took a bus and the metro into DC and toured the memorials that had been built since we left the DC area in 1972.  Much has changed in the intervening years.   The Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial captures a number of his famous quotes and images of the nation’s only four term president, including FDR in a wheel chair, a man listening to the fire side chats on a 1930’s radio, and a bread line from the depression. 

FDR in Wheelchair

Listening to Fireside Chat
Depression Era Bread Line

Martin Luther King Memorial
The Martin Luther King Memorial includes a large relief statute of the Dr. King with a number of his famous quotes along a wall.

Korean War Veterans Memorial
The Korean War Veterans Memorial includes an array of larger than life figures in ponchos moving through a field and a wall with facial images of soldiers.

Vietnam Memorial
The Vietnam War Memorial, most noted for the list of the lost and killed in action, also includes a statues of three soldiers and a statue of two female nurses and a wounded soldier looking upward as if wait for an incoming MASH unit.

Vietnam Memorial
World War II Memorial
The World War II Memorial has a large pool with fountains in the center with memorable battles from Europe listed on one end and the South Pacific on the other end.  Along the outer edge of the memorial are columns, one for each state.

World War II Memorial
After touring the memorials, we visited the Holocaust Museum.  It was a very well done and the visit was a very sobering experience.  It causes one to reflect on how such a horrible thing could happen and what each of us can do to insure that it never happens again.  Although the exhibits emphasized the events after the end of World War I and the actions of Hitler and the Nazis, I feel the distrust and hate between religious groups going back centuries were the real roots of the Holocaust and the parallels to the hate and distrust in todays world need to be addressed if we are to achieve the stated goal of Never Again.

Don and Kathy Brumbaugh, Dave and Julie Harper
Saturday we did a tandem ride with two couples we met on Pennywise tours, Dave and Julie Harper and Don and Kathie Brumbaugh.  We started the ride started at a winery and toured through some beautiful horse country, stopping for lunch in Middleburg.  Saturday evening we had dinner at an Italian restaurant and were joined by Jeff and Alice, another Pennywise couple.

Sunday we spent a quiet day with the Ericksons as we prepared to leave Monday morning.

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