Saturday, March 23, 2013

On the Road Again

Mason's Construction Themed Birthday Party

We arrived at our daughter Lauren’s home outside Houston on March 3 and spent two weeks relaxing, enjoying time with our daughter, her husband and our two year old grandson.  The highlight of the visit was the grandson’s birthday parties, the first with the family and the second with about a dozen two year olds and their families.   Our eldest daughter, Janet, flew in from San Francisco to visit for a few days and celebrate Mason’s second birthday.  

Spring Foliage 
Hank spent part of the two weeks filing income taxes, planning routes for the next stage to South Carolina and trying to regain some of the 12 lbs. he lost in the first 7 weeks.  Tuesday, March 19, we were back on the road heading east toward Louisiana.   The weather has been mild and roads good and flat.  Signs of spring are everywhere.  The trees are turning green, the pollen is everywhere, and the azaleas and dogwood are blooming.  We are also seeing lots of oil pumps and oil storage facilities.  Much of eastern Texas and western Louisiana is timberland.  We have seen lots of logging trucks on the road but most of the roads have had wide shoulders so the trucks not a problem.

Azaleas and Dogwood Blooming

Roadside Flowers
East Texas Oil Well

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